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For nearly 40 years, Neil Affinito has been providing quality service, parts and accessories for the ATV, motorcycle, four wheel drive, Sand Car and off road racing industries.  An offroad racer since 1979, Neil was one of the first to pioneer the road leading to custom fabricated suspension systems that worked for the ATV, pioneering fabrication of modifications that made existing products better, faster and more reliable.


Today, Neil's shop, ATV Motorsports, is one of the sole remaining outlets for Honda Pilot F-400 parts and components, both newly fabricated and original manufacture.






In addition to their work with the Pilot community, ATV Motorsports also perform repair and upgrades on Polaris, Can Am, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, Yamaha ATV/OHV products as well as custom built OHV machines, motorcycles and other off road vehicles.